Just want to let you know how fantastic Sunescape tan is! I have tried every tan out there and am really happy with the colour and how long it lasts on the skin! I also have a client that started coming to me because I had Aviva tan, as she is highly allergic to most tans and has always been too scared to try anything else. I finally talked her into trying Sunescape and we did a test patch – she was fine! We then did a full body tan and her skin was perfect, she loved the colour and couldn’t believe how long it stayed on!

Jade Woodlock, Spray Tan Technician

I have tried every tan brand on my clients over the past 10 years, and Sunescape is the best by far. I always stay up to date with the latest in tanning technology, however I can’t see myself using any other brand for a long, long time.

Jess O’Hara, Spray Tan Technician

I was drawn to Sunescape because I wanted a natural looking tan. Don’t get me wrong, I still wanted a dark tan! I just didn’t want it to look too fake, unnaturally dark, or too orange. I am so happy – Sunescape achieved the perfect result for my skin tone and it is now my brand of choice.

Paula Bentley

The thing that struck me most about my Sunescape tan was that it continued to develop into a rich colour up to three days after my tan, and it lasted for 10 days! Previously my tans used to last four to five days at best. I feel Sunescape gives me the best value for money of any tan I have tried.

Sylvia Gentle

I love being tanned, however used to only get spray tans sporadically because I am very susceptible to dry skin, and spray tans seemed to make it worse. Not with Sunescape! I actually feel like it moisturises my skin, while leaving me looking like I just got back from a holiday. I am very happy I have found a tan that works on my dry skin.

Sienna Roberts

After years of switching between all the top tanning brands, my endless search for the perfect tanning product is finally over. From its effortless application, delicious scent and natural long-lasting colour that leaves my skin feeling flawless, Sunescape is everything I have ever wanted in a fake tan and more. I can now flaunt a gorgeous sun kissed tan year round, with peace of mind that I am also being kind to my skin. Best of all, I have received more compliments on my tan than ever since using Sunescape, so the results speak for themselves. I would highly recommend Sunescape to all my fellow tanners – once you make the swap, you won’t look back.

Kate Fitzsimmons

Aiesha, my daughter, has just tried the take home pack and loves it. Like me she loves the good quality packaging and product. Thanks so much for your help and your beautiful product.

Prue Curtotti

I met you all at the Beauty Expo and I’ve already tested your product on myself and a client. I absolutely love your product and would like to stock it as my main tanning product. I’ll be ditching the tanning solution I was currently using for yours. Great job guys on your product and so glad I spent the time at your stand to get all the info and help from you all.

Belinda Mcnally