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How to Prolong Your Faux Golden Glow

Sometimes a tan just doesn’t stay put! Whether you spray tan or self tan, there are certain factors that can cause your tan to fade faster than it should. Want to keep your golden bronze for as long as possible? Here are our tips on proper tan maintenance.

1. Avoid salt water and chlorine. You may want to dive in as soon as your tan sets, but exfoliating substances and harsh chemicals will strip your colour. If you really want to make your tan last longer, stick to lounging poolside. Besides, it’s easier to show off your glow that way!

2. Use a tan extender. One of the best ways to prolong your tan is to apply a gradual tanner every few days to continue building on the pigmentation. Sunescape’s Hydrating Gradual Tan Extender contains nourishing oils and antioxidants from fruit extracts to soften skin and help preserve the your tan.

3. Keep your skin moisturised. Dry skin won’t hold a tan well, so make sure to apply a rich body butter daily. The Sunescape Hydrating Body Butter is enriched with Vitamin E, buriti oil, and mango extract to promote a longer-lasting tan through intense hydration. The tropical scent will have you hooked!

4. Stay away from harsh bath or shower products. Just as it’s important to use sulfate-free shampoo to preserve a new hair colour, it’s best to use gentle body wash to maintain the vibrancy of your tan. The Sunescape Hydrating Shower Gel is pH balanced and free of soap, sulfates, and parabens, making it the perfect body wash to use after a spray tan.

5. Dial back on the intense workouts. Perspiration is a top perpetrator of a fading tan, so if you’re keen on keeping your tan for a special event, skip the gym this once. Dead set on going for a run? Make sure to change out of your sweaty clothing and shower as soon as you get home, and don’t skimp on the Gradual Tan Extender!

Have you been your own worst culprit when it comes to keeping your tan? We’ve all been there! Now that you know how to make your spray tan last, you’ll be glowing all summer long.

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Sunescape wins Beauty Shortlist Award!


We’ve won our first UK award win within just three months of our UK debut. The Hydrating Self-Tan Mousse has been awarded Best Self-Tanner (Body) by The Beauty Shortlist.

For those fancying a Week in Fiji or a Month in Maui, the Self Tan Mousse is the ticket to a post holiday bronzed glow that will have people asking ‘Where have you been?’

“We could spend the whole summer in Fiji! Sunescape’s coconut, macadamia and avocado-enriched Week in Fiji is beautifully streak-free – like a moisturising skin food and flawless self-tanner, all in one,” says The Beauty Shortlist.

With added vitamins, antioxidants and hydrating oils, Sunescape’s two-hour rapid tan formula gives a natural looking and feeling tan without any of the tanning pitfalls such a chemical smell, dryness, streaking or patchiness. The Sunescape formulation uses a unique 100% natural ECOCERT approved form of DHA, created from beetroot and has a delicious vanilla-coconut scent.

Earlier this year, our Hydrating Gradual Tan Extender won a Health & Fitness magazine 2015 award for Best Gradual Tan. The Self-Tan Mousse was also awarded Best Self Tan in the Pop Sugar (Australia) 2014 awards.



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Sunescape at Professional Beauty London

Sunescape had an incredible debut at Professional Beauty London this weekend!

Visitors to the show were treated to the complete Sunescape experience, with cocktails on our island paradise. With the help of our models, Pete and Adam, we were able to demonstrate the natural look of our tan in person, with many taking advantage of a complimentary spray tan!

Our Instant Tan Mousse and Hydrating Body Butters flew off the shelves, along with our gift boxes and travel bags offering the complete Sunescape range.

We hope our Sunescape users are enjoying their purchases, and we can’t wait to see you all again next time!


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