Get Party Ready!

Contrary to the belief, tanning is not just for the summer! These days, everyone strives for an all year round golden glow thats long lasting and streak free. During this time of year, parties are in full swing and weekends mark the time of all the pre party preparation nightmares, starting with the numerous struggles of fake tan. At Sunescape we love to make our tan’s super quick and easy to use so in this post we are going to share our secret tips and tricks on how to get ‘party ready’ just like Kendall Jenner and you’ll be sure to turn heads!

14719064_366356880372204_7917034420693893120_n1. Preparation 

Preparing for your tan is the most essential step in achieving the best tan possible. Hydration is one of the key elements in getting good results. Hydrated skin holds a much better tan so ensure you shave, exfoliate and moisturise prior, to determine the most even application.

2. Application

When applying your tan, be sure to apply it through an effective method of application. Sunescape recommends the tanning application mitt which is available to purchase on our website. It’s velvet texture glides gently across the skin, making tanning even easier!

3. Drying Time

Sunescape Self Tan has a drying time of 2 hours so be sure to allow time for this. After the allocated time, you are able to shower off the guide colour whilst your tan continues to develop.

4. Chose your Outfit

Your outfit is the ultimate game changer when preparing for a night out, therefore planning is essential. Plan your outfit around your make up or vise vera. However, at Sunescape we believe you can never go wrong with a LBD.

5. Get Makeup Inspiration

Your make up can essentially change the way you look so experiment with complimentary looks in relation to your complexion, hair colour and eye colour. Look at your favourite celebrities, this can help. Our favourite for this season is a golden brown smokey eye to compliment your beautiful Sunescape tan.

Congratulations you are now Party Ready! Have Fun!